Torrefied Biomass Briquettes (TBB)

Torrefied Biomass is green wood waste biomass that has been pyrolised in a reactor prior to processing into a Briquette or pellet.  The torrefacation process removes the volatile organic compounds found in the virgin biomass that cause the white-wood products to degrade during shipping and storage.

The result is a material that;

  • has a higher energy density than currently available industrial bio-fuels (typically wood pellets)
  • does not degrade in shipment and storage
  • does not require special vessels to bulk ship loads to the client base
  • does not require a large end user investment to adapt, or modify existing handling and storage systems
  • requires no modification to modern coal fired boilers
  • performs similarly to Lignite Coal in Boilers
  • is processed in the same Storage, Grinding and Handling systems prior to use
  • produces a waste gas stream that may be processed with minimal modification to the existing Pollution Control Systems

Torrefied Bio-coal is preferred over white-wood pellets because;

  • the end-user investment requires no special storage and handling facilities
  • the energy density is about 60% greater than biomass pellets; reducing shipping and handling costs considerably
  • the material can be carried in un-modified bulk carriers
  • the cost of grinding at the power plant reduced 
  • torrefied bio-coal is a true substitute for coal
  • torrefied bio-coal has the lowest carbon footprint of any the available sustainable biomass fuels.


Torrefied Biomass


The TBB produced at Natchitoches facility will be processed from forest residuals, cull, thinnings, slash, tree tops, wood chips, lumber mill residuals and branches, collectively known as “Fibre”.

Torrefied Biomass is fibre that has been roasted in a reactor prior to processing into briquettes. Torrefaction removes moisture and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from the virgin biomass material.

The torrefied biomass is compressed into briquettes.  Once briquetted, TBB has similar storage, shipping and combustion properties to dried brown coal, making it the ideal fuel for power producers.

Wood chips
Torrefied Biomass
Torrefied Biomass Briquettes