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Biomass Secure Power - Company ProfileBiomass Secure Power Inc is a publicly traded company under the symbol BMSPF on the OTC Market.   Biomass Secure Power Inc. is dedicated to the supply of high quality, eco-friendly, fossil-fuel alternate products by using environmentally and ecologically sustainable methods.  Biomass Secure Power Inc. will implement innovative technologies and will dedicate time and resources to ongoing R&D to maintain competitive advantage.

The Natchitoches plant will process Silviculture waste and turn it into utility grade Torrefied Biomass Briquettes (TBB) using a patented technology. TBB is a  direct replacement for coal, and the only real economic alternative to coal in power plants and residential heating.

When development of the Natchitoches facility is complete, it will produce one million tons of TBB per year.  Available wood fiber in the area gives us the opportunity to construct a 1.3 million tonne plant which would be the largest in the world when complete.

The State of Louisiana has approved a waste bond in the amount of $88,536,200 and Bank of America Merrill Lynch (BAML)  has been engaged to sell the bonds.

It is the aim of the Company to continue to develop multiple large plants, to be constructed using the same basic design of the plant developed at Natchitoches.  It is anticipated that plants will vary in accordance with the available resource and will be in the range of 640,000 tonnes to 1,600,000 tonnes per year.

Sustainable Biomass derived fuel can contribute between 10% – 20% of the global energy demand by 2050 (IPCC Report). The ability of the Company to rapidly respond to the new demand will be determined by the ability of the Company to raise capital and secure debt to finance future plants.  

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The users of our Torrefied Biomass Briquettes (TBB) fuel will be mainly European utility clients requiring long term surety of supply and stable pricing.  Additional demand is expected from industrial and residential consumers, needing to reduce their CO2 footprint.

The market for sustainable biomass fuels is well established in Europe, but it is rapidly expanding in Asia and Canada. The COP21 agreement concluded in Paris has produced an immediate escalation of interest to quickly decarbonize energy production by switching from coal to biomass.  UK, NL, BE, and DK have announced a full exit from coal power generation and other countries such as DE and FR have confirmed a scaling back of coal fired power generation.

All of this activity heavily favors an immediate switch to Torrefied Biomass Briquettes.  As a result, a number of UK and Netherlands based utilities are actively looking for large quantities of TBB to begin delivery in 2017/18.

As TBB is a direct alternative to coal it is expected that TBB demand will grow exponentially to the limit of the ability of the forest to reach its peak production capacity and still remain within its sustainability requirements.

The expectation is that the TBB market will eventually eclipse the existing white-wood pellet market. The potential for sales in the US coal market alone is 9 million tonnes assuming 1% penetration. European sales potentials are significantly greater.  The global coal market is expected to plateau at 9.0 billion tonnes.



BSPI will be working with Amec Foster Wheeler as the appointed EPC contractor for Natchitoches Phase 1 project. Together with BSPI engineering team we have assembled a team with the experience to execute the Natchitoches Project.


Authorized shares: Unlimited
Shares issued: 655,159,975
Symbol: BMSPF