Biomass Secure Power Inc.

Biomass Secure Power Inc. (BMSPF) is an innovative company dedicated to the supply and production of high quality, environmentally sustainable, torrefied biomass briquettes (TBB) from forest residuals and waste, for use as a substitute for coal.   We are dedicated to the implementation of the most efficient and environmentally friendly technologies as a means of controlling production costs and to insure sustainability of the resources used to manufacture the torrefied biomass briquettes.

Torrefied Biomass Briquette

Certified Sustainable

Bio-Coal Project

TBB is a low cost replacement for brown coal resulting in 95% reduction in CO2 emissions. Conversion to TBB is a minimal investment option for power producers needing to reduce their carbon footprint.

We guarantee and certify in accordance with audited compliance standards that we will remove less carbon from our fibre basket than the amount of carbon being sequestered by growing trees.

We are developing a Torrefied Biomass Briquette plant at Natchitoches Louisiana. The project will be constructed in 3 phases for a combined production rate of 1 million tones per year.

Biomass Secure Power Torrefied Biomass Briquette
Certified Sustainable
Biomass Secure Power Bio-coal project